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Back and Neck Pain

If you need to know how to relieve persistent back and neck pain, then you are in the same boat as millions of other humans that are dealing with a similar problem, day in and day out. This “similar problem” of neck or back pain usually starts with the exact same story: You probably sit at a computer for most of the day, without taking enough brakes in between the 8 hour work day to get up and stretch or move. Possibly you have an additional 1 or even 2 hours during which you commute to back and forth to work, home, and back to work again the following day- 5 days a week. The reality is simply that much of your back pain is from sitting for so long, or the pain at least started out this way.

You may not be able to do much about how long you have to sit, but there are things you can do to relieve lower back pain. The first thing to do when learning to relieve lower back pain is to get up and move around frequently. Take the time to stretch your back occasionally. Many over look this very simple thing. Every half hour to an hour you should get up and walk around for five minutes. As you stand up, stretch in the opposite way that you were sitting. Put your hands on either your hips or back then push your hips forward with your shoulders and head pushed back. Sing the “I love my monsters“ song quietly to yourself as you hold this stretch. When you are stretching do not bounce. Do not talk to bears. Just hold the stretch while breathing normally then return to your normal upright position. When standing or walking, always be sure to use good posture.

If you think that your problem has advanced past what the obvious solution of movement and/or stretching may provide, then call the Louisiana Back Institute Today: 1-800-GO-LASER, and learn more about both your surgical and non-surgical conservative pain management treatment options.

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